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Please note: Some crime data within this page may not be the latest information available. We installed a new crime recording and case management system on 23 May 2018 and new processes have led to some data quality issues due to how information is now being captured. We are actively working to improve statistical activities, which will improve the quality of our data over time. Before the new system was installed, we understood that some data may not be available for a short time after. Normal statistical data will resume in due course.

Wisbech policing team

Your local station

Wisbech Police Station
Nene Parade, Wisbech
PE13 3BT

Phone: 101

Monday to Saturday 0900 - 1700

Most reported crimes in your area

September 2018 - This is a range from a total of 378 crimes

Violence and sexual offences
Anti-social behaviour
Criminal damage and arson

Sergeant Robin Cawston

Sergeant Lee Levens

Police Constable John McMurray

Police Constable David Mcilwhan

PCSO Steve Staniforth

PCSO Terry McCormack

PCSO Lorraine Foster-Betham

PCSO Andy Bush

PCSO Dave Russ

PCSO Lisa Mann

PCSO Scott Clarke

PCSO Helen Norton smith

PCSO Dave Russ

PCSO Sue Clarke

Community Safety Officer Julie Bailey

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