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Report a road traffic collision

Is it an emergency?  Remember, if someone is in danger and you need immediate support please call 999 now.

A vast number of collisions that are reported online are not required to be reported or if reported the police may take no further action with regards to any investigation and merely file the report.  

Therefore to prevent the reporting of collisions that are not required to be reported or where the police may not take any further action which will save you and the police time please note the following points.

You should only report a non-stop damage only collision online if:-

  • You are an involved driver, rider or pedestrian, an individual whose property (including parked vehicles) has been damaged by a vehicle which failed to stop.
  • And :-
  • You have the registration number of the other vehicle


  • If there may be CCTV you have confirmed that the footage shows the collision with visible registration number and you have obtained details of who / where to contact for the footage to be requested. Please note: CCTV and Dash cam footage can only be uploaded via an online portal. Discs and other external viewing material is NOT accepted.


  • You have independent witnesses to the collision that can provide registration number details and they are willing to provide a statement and attend court.
  • Not necessary to report if details have been exchanged between the parties.
  • Not necessary to report a collision if no damage has been caused.
  • Not necessary to report collisions on private property such as a private drive or estate, a works car park or other area not for the general public.
  • Not necessary to report a collision that did not occur in Cambridgeshire.
    • Not necessary to report a collision merely to obtain a reference number for your insurance company – they do not require one.
    • Not necessary or required to report if you merely witnessed a collision.
  • Not able to report a collision involving any injury to a person using this online reporting facility it must be reported at a police station.


To complete this form you will need:

  • Details about the day and time of the collision
  • Vehicle information for both your vehicle and any additional involved.
  • The location of the collision
  • Descriptions of both the vehicle and driver or persons involved.
  • Personal contact information

Approximate completion time: 15 minutes

Start the report road traffic collision form (opens in a new window)



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