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Woman threatened to kill cousin after cocaine row

12 Apr 2019

A woman flew into a rage and tried to attack her own cousin with knives after an argument erupted in a Peterborough nightspot.

Kayleigh Collins, 26, and her cousin, a 21-year-old woman, were on a night out in Peterborough on 19 January when they began arguing over cocaine in Edwards bar.

The argument got heated and the pair were removed by door staff. They both separately made their way to Collins’s house in Delph Court, Peterborough, where the argument became physical.

In an attempt to break up the fight Collins’s partner, a man in his 20s, intervened and restrained her while her cousin locked herself in the bathroom and phoned police. Collins bit her partner on the arm, forcing him to release her, and ran into the kitchen where she armed herself with several knives.

She was again restrained by her partner before officers arrived. Collins’s cousin and partner suffered minor injuries.

Collins was arrested on suspicion of assault by beating and taken to Thorpe Wood where during interview she told officers several times she wanted to kill her cousin, saying it was “either her or me”. Following her interview she was further arrested for making threats to kill.

Collins was handed an 18-month community order today (12 April) at Peterborough Crown Court after pleading guilty to making threats to kill and received no separate penalty for two counts of assault by beating.

PC Jenny Blunt said: “It was chilling to see just how far Collins was willing to take the level of violence, against a member of her own family.

“I’d like to commend her partner for the role he played in breaking up the fight, which could have been a lot worse.”

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