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'Stay In Speak Out' campaign launched

2 Mar 2021

People are being encouraged to report any concerns or suspicious behaviour in their community as part of a new campaign to highlight crimes which may have previously gone unnoticed.

The force’s new ‘Stay In, Speak Out’ campaign highlights the continuing Coronavirus pandemic which has led to people changing where they work and more people spending increasing amounts of time at home.

Over the last few weeks calls from members of the public have helped arrest suspected car thieves, raise the alarm on possible rogue traders and taken drugs and weapons off the streets.

Recent reporting examples

Other examples over the last week include:

- A man called police just before 8pm on Friday (26 February) with concerns he could hear a cutting noise outside his neighbour’s house in Brampton. It was later revealed a catalytic converter had been stolen from the neighbour’s car and an investigation has been launched.

- Just after 8.30pm last Wednesday (24 February), police were called by a woman after her neighbour knocked on the door and said they had seen three people climbing on the roof of her house in Cambridge. When the neighbour approached the group, they were threatened. Crimes have been raised for attempted burglary and threatening behaviour.

- Just after 12.30pm last Monday (22 February), a member of the public in Peterborough called police after seeing a man riding one bike but pushing another along at the same time, which had no front wheel. A man was later found by officers in the area with a hammer, pliers and chisel – together with the alleged stolen bike. A crime has been raised for bike theft.


"Your reports could provide the key"

Superintendent James Sutherland said: “Members of the public help us fight crime every day and calls and reports to us make such a big difference, as shown by the above examples.

“If you are working at home more or spending more time indoors and you notice something in your community that doesn’t feel quite right, please tell us.

“While some crimes have decreased due to lockdown, we know some of the more serious offences are still taking place, such as modern slavery or domestic abuse. Your reports could even provide the key element in helping us prevent these crimes.

“Lockdown has meant we are all making sacrifices and has shown what we can achieve when we work together. We believe our communities can make a genuine difference and in many cases are already doing so.

“An important thing to mention is that you do not have to be sure a crime is definitely happening but any concerns reported to us, no matter how small, could bring someone to justice and could even save a life.”

The campaign also comes after a Twitter poll revealed 14% of people said they had reported concerns to police directly as a result of increased time at home.

More ways to contact us than ever before

There are now more ways to contact police than ever before.

Suspicions or concerns can be reported via the force’s online web chat function here:, via the online reporting forms here: or by calling 101.

Always call 999 in an emergency.

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