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Man jailed for assaulting officers

20 May 2020

A man who assaulted three police officers and two members of the public in Littleport has been jailed.

Stephen Barnes, 32, had been drinking at pubs in Littleport on the evening of 4 January and made friends with a group of people before heading to one of their homes in Cottier Drive.

When the group realised he had a knife tucked in his trousers, Barnes was told to leave but began making threats through the windows.

Barnes remained outside and when one of the occupants checked out of an open window to see if he had left, he grabbed him and ripped his t-shirt.

The incident was reported to police, as well as another assault on a woman in Chamberlain Fields from earlier that evening. Officers attended and located Barnes in a black Ford Focus in Yeomans Way.

While arresting him for the assault, Barnes kicked the officers in the chest and leg and had to be sprayed with PAVA.

Barnes, of Lynn Road, Ely, was handed 14 weeks in jail at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (14 May) after pleading guilty to possession of a knife, two counts of assault by beating and three counts of assaulting an emergency worker.

PC Demi Sweeney, who investigated, said: “Barnes is an aggressive man with a short temper.

“I’m hopeful his time behind bars will give him time to reflect on his actions.”

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