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Man jailed after high speed pursuit

14 Feb 2020

A man who stole his ex-partners car leading police on a high speed pursuit has been jailed.

Russell Lyon, 42, was subject to a restraining order banning him from contacting his former partner after previously pleading guilty to assaulting her in April 2019.

Despite the order Lyon began to contact the woman again in September 2019.

On September 10, Lyon spent the evening with her before taking her car, an Audi A3, without her permission. He was spotted by officers at around 11pm driving dangerously along the A1 and A15 in Yaxley.

Officers followed Lyon, who failed to stop, as he drove at speeds in excess of 120mph, failed to stop for red lights or slow down at junctions or roundabouts. During part of the pursuit Lyon was recorded doing 90mph in a 30mph zone.

Officers were forced to end the pursuit as conditions became too dangerous to continue.

Lyon and his former partner met again on October 27 and went drinking in Cambridge. Lyon went back to her home in Cambridge where he assaulted her.

Officers arrested Lyon at the victim’s home after she reported his location.

In interview he answered no comment to questions about all the offences, including when asked who was driving the Audi during the police chase. Not answering this question constituted a further criminal offence.

Lyon, of Avalon Way, Cambridge, later admitted taking a motor vehicle without consent, harassment, ABH, dangerous driving, failing to give information relating to the identity of the driver of a vehicle.

Today (14 February) at Cambridge Crown Court he was jailed for 38 months and handed an eight-year restraining order.

PC Louise Wick said: “Lyon drove at extremely high speeds with no care for the safety of other road users or even himself. It was sheer luck that there wasn’t a serious accident caused by his driving.

“Lyon repeatedly harassed and assaulted his former partner and I am pleased that she will now be protected from him.

“I want all victims of domestic abuse to know that we are here to protect them from offenders and we will act if they can find the courage to make us aware.”

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