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Man broke into house and bit woman’s nose

8 Oct 2019

A man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house while she was asleep and bit her on the nose during a campaign of harassment.

Jacob Hall, 25, sneaked into the victim’s Cambridge house through a door she had accidentally left unlocked at about 5.30am on 23 August.

He immediately went into her bedroom and switched the light on, waking her up. He placed his hand over her mouth and bit the end of her nose.

The victim managed to get him off and called police while he left through the back door. She later went to hospital for a suspected broken nose.

The next day Hall, of Peter Cowell Close, Kings Hedges, Cambridge, rang the victim about 50 times from a withheld number, telling her he loved her and threatening to assault her younger brother.

Hall was arrested and in interview refused to comment, however pleaded guilty to assault occasioning ABH and harassment.

At Cambridge Crown Court last Friday (4 October) he was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for the assault and two months for harassment, to run concurrent. He was also given a restraining order of three years.

DC Karen Lunn said: “Hall really frightened the victim, who was pregnant at the time, when he appeared in her bedroom. 

“This kind of behaviour can easily escalate and become even more serious. Thankfully, Hall was reported and has been brought before the courts.”

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