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Jail for drunk who brandished broken bottle

27 May 2020

A MAN who threatened an artist with a broken bottle outside a shop in Cambridge has been jailed.

Michael Bird, 47, had been drinking when he launched the attack on a man outside a grocery store in Milton Road, Cambridge, on 22 July.

Bird was hanging around, drinking and being verbally abusive to shoppers as they left when he was approached by a man who had been standing nearby trying to sell his paintings.

He confronted Bird about his behaviour, who then became aggressive. He picked up a bottle and thrust it towards the victim in an aggressive manner, causing damage to the man’s t-shirt and belt.

Bird then stood up and smashed the bottle on the ground before brandishing the jagged glass as a weapon and chasing the victim with it, all while people walked by.

The victim ran into the store to get help, but Bird picked up another bottle, again smashing it, and held it up in his other hand and continued to threaten the victim.

Officers soon arrived on the scene and Bird was swiftly arrested.

Bird, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to affray, possessing an offensive weapon and racial abuse and was sentenced to 21 months in prison at Cambridge Crown Court on Thursday (21 May).

PC Piers Kitson, who investigated, said: “Bird was clearly enraged and out of control when he launched his attack on an innocent man who tried to stop him from verbally abusing passers-by.

“He was clearly intent on causing harm as he brandished his makeshift weapons while innocent people walked past. It’s lucky nobody got hurt.

“I hope he has time to reflect on his actions and get the help he needs to change his behaviour and I hope this serves as a reminder of how seriously we and the courts take these incidents.

“Nobody should have to put up with abuse and threats of violence while going about their daily business.”

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