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Disqualified driver caught one day after receiving suspended sentence

11 Sep 2019

A Peterborough man who was caught driving without a license just one day after receiving a suspended sentence for the same offence has been put behind bars.

Tiago Sequeira, 26, was stopped in Bridge Street, Peterborough, at about 2pm on 17 May.

He was recognised by a police officer after he had dealt with him for previous traffic offences. When checking his details the officer found Sequeira was a disqualified driver, which therefore also invalidated his insurance.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 10 September) Sequeira, of Cromwell Road, Peterborough, pleaded guilty to driving without a license, driving without insurance and breaching a suspended sentence at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court.

He was sentenced to a total of 18 weeks in prison; six weeks for the new offence and a previous 12-week suspended sentence has been activated, to run consecutively. He has also been disqualified from driving for 15 months and made to pay a £115 fine.

PC Paul Nisbet, from the Community Action Team, said: “I have personally come into contact with Sequeira three times during my time as a police officer, all for traffic related offences.

“He is a habitual offender and the suspended sentence clearly did not work as a deterrent. I am pleased we have been able to get him off the streets where he will serve several months in prison.”

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