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Designer goods burglar jailed

19 Jun 2019

A man who burgled a family home and took more than £40,000 worth of goods, including designer handbags and jewellery, has been jailed.

Daniel Morey, 32, broke into the house in Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge, at about 4pm on 23 October, 2017, after seeing the family leave.

He used a brick to smash through the back patio doors before taking high value items including a Cartier necklace and Chanel handbag. 

The family returned while he was still in the house and he made good his escape over the garden fence.

However, he was caught on the property’s CCTV system and was later arrested after committing another burglary in Essex.

When he was interviewed by officers in March this year, Morey confessed to the burglary and claimed he did it to pay off a debt and feed his drug addiction.

Morey, of Forest Road, Ilford, was sentenced to three years in prison at Cambridge Crown Court on Friday (14 June) after pleading guilty to burglary and asking for some other burglaries to be taken into account.

DC Kellymarie Harman, who investigated, said: “The family have had to wait for two years to get closure on this case and they will never see their items – some of which were of great sentimental value – again. I am glad we have been able to get justice.”

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