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Cambridgeshire's first Stalking Protection Order granted

30 Apr 2020

A man has been handed Cambridgeshire's first Stalking Protection Order, under new legislation which launched on 1 April.

Daniel Harrod, 34, subjected his ex-partner to harassment online after they ended their relationship in January.

His behaviour involved sending numerous messages to the victim, a woman in her 30s from the Wisbech area, via Instagram.

Harrod, of St Peters Close, West Lynn, Norfolk, was arrested at his home on 6 February. He admitted harassment at Norwich Magistrates’ Court on the same day and was handed a 12 month restraining order.

However, while legal proceedings were ongoing, officers, in partnership with Cambridgeshire’s specialist domestic abuse worker, who is funded through the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, made an application to the court for a Stalking Protection Order to be authorised in an attempt to further safeguard the victim.

The application was granted and a three month order was imposed on Friday (24 April) at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court. The order stipulates that Harrod must not:

  • contact the victim or members of her family
  • contact the victim via certain social media
  • make or initiate posts about the victim on social media by any means
  • engage in surveillance of the victim by any means
  • use any device capable of accessing the internet unless it has the capacity to display and retain such access
  • approach the victim or be within 50 metres of her.

Failure to comply with the above measures will result in arrest.

PC Stacy Smith, who investigated, said: “Harrod’s actions caused the victim to experience months of anxiety and distress.

“We are thrilled to have had Cambridgeshire’s first Stalking Protection Order granted, which imposes further measures to ensure Harrod stays away from the victim, giving her a chance to safely move on with her life.

“We will not stop in our efforts to ensure offenders are brought before the courts and victims are made safe.

“This case was a real team effort between the constabulary and Cambridgeshire’s specialist domestic abuse worker, who was instrumental in supporting the victim throughout.

“No one should have to go through life feeling scared or worried of someone else’s actions and I hope this case highlights a real multi-agency commitment to safeguarding victims of stalking and harassment.”

Acting Police and Crime Commissioner Ray Bisby said: “Harassment is a serious problem which can have a devastating effect on victims including depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance.

“It is great to see that the first Stalking Protection Order has been granted and I sincerely hope that this outcome has given the victim some level of comfort and closure in what must have been a difficult few months.

“We remain committed to tackling stalking and harassment through the funding of specialist support services to keep safe any victims who are seeking emotional and practical support.”

For information and advice about stalking and harassment, visit or call the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300.

To report stalking or harassment, visit or call police on 101, or in the case of an emergency always dial 999.

Find out more about Stalking Protection Orders here.

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