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Police to crack down on shoplifters in the run up to Christmas

25 Nov 2021

Police will be shopping for shoplifters across the city over the next few weeks.

Officers from the Cambridge Neighbourhood Policing Team will be hitting the high street as well as the Grand Arcade and Grafton Centre in a bid to prevent any would-be thieves from striking in the run up to Christmas.

Working alongside retailers and Cambridge Business Against Crime, they’ll be carrying out high-visibility and plain-clothes patrols to target shoplifters.

Last year we saw a 71 per cent decrease in the number of shop thefts with just 17 reported between ‘Black Friday’ and Christmas Eve. However, in 2019 and 2018 there were 60 and 86 respectively during the same period.

Sergeant Kevin Misik hopes the high-visibility police presence will deter thieves while the plain-clothes officers will catch anyone trying their luck.

He said: “We’ll be taking a zero-tolerance approach with anyone who is caught. This means seeking to put them before the courts and considering a Criminal Behaviour Order which will restrict their ability to enter shops within a certain area.

“Often shoplifting goes hand-in-hand with other issues so we’ll also be looking at the reasons why people are shoplifting, and with our partners see what we can do to address the issue.”

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