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Speedwatch expands to include Ely

9 Oct 2017

The county's Speedwatch scheme has welcomed a new group of volunteers and will now operate in Ely.

The scheme allows members of the public to get actively involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through their neighbourhoods.

It is used in areas where residents have identified speeding as a concern and aims to educate motorists about the dangers of speeding rather than enforcing as a first option.

The initial team of nine volunteers have received training from the constabulary and completed their first session in Cam Drive.

Mike Brooks, forcewide watch coordination officer, said: "During the first session local residents stopped and commented that traffic was noticeably slower than usual and congratulated the volunteers on their efforts.

"The volunteers have identified ten areas to operate from within the city and would welcome more volunteers to step forward and get involved. Volunteers offer as much time as they would like, typically two hours a month, and run sessions in groups. Training is provided, and volunteers are fully supported, equipped and insured by the constabulary."

Inspector Jon Hiron said: "Speeding in Ely continues to be a community concern and local officers will still focus on identified hotspot areas. However, at this time of increased demand on policing, Speedwatch support is greatly appreciated.

"For some time now we have been asking the local community to support the police in targeting speeding motorists and I am pleased that local residents have come together to support one another.

"The focus of the scheme is to educate speeding drivers and in turn make our roads a safer place. It will be supported by local officers who will continue to carry out enforcement on those who break the law."

If you would like to sign up to volunteer for Speedwatch or would like more information please contact email the Speedwatch team.

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