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Pair threatened group with sword

12 Oct 2021

Two men who “brazenly” flaunted a sword in a Peterborough street busy with revellers have been jailed.

Ramzadene Abdellouche, 20, and Sammi Sajid, 22, were spotted by CCTV operators in Broadway in the early hours of 15 August.

The pair were joined by other men and together confronted another group.

Abdellouche was seen taking a sword from underneath his jacket and handing it to Sajid, who swung it towards the rival group as the altercation continued.

Police arrived and both men were arrested. When they were searched officers found the sword on Abdellouche.

Abdellouche, of Allexton Gardens, Peterborough and Sajid, of Padholme Road, Peterborough, both admitted possession of an offensive weapon in a public place and affray.

On Thursday (7 October) at Huntingdon Law Courts both men were given time behind bars - Sajid for 16 months and Abdellouche for 14 months.

DC Andrew Donaldson said: “On a busy night in Peterborough city centre Abdellouche and Sajid brazenly walked around with a sword and threatened members of the public.

“I’m pleased they were arrested before anyone came to harm and they are now behind bars.”

More information on what we're doing to tackle knife crime is available here. 

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