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Neighbourhood officers respond to community concerns in Millfield

1 Dec 2021

A Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) in eastern Peterborough has completed its fifth phase as part of an operation to tackle concerns raised by members of the community in Millfield.

In addition to regular patrols, problem solving work and day-to-day neighbourhood policing, the Eastern NPT, which covers areas including Millfield, Central Park, Eastfield and Dogsthorpe, set up Operation Siphon to tackle drug dealing and related crime, as well as traffic issues which had been raised as concerns by the local community.

Over the period of 12 hours last week, the team, supported by officers from the force’s Special Constabulary, carried out stop-searches on 15 people and four vehicles, three of which resulted in drugs being seized and one where items believed to be involved in theft were seized.

Other results included four fixed penalty notices (FPNs) and 30 penalty charge notices (PCNs) issued for parking offences and obstruction in the Lincoln Road area of Millfield, eight traffic offence reports (TORs) issued for driving offences including careless driving, driving without insurance or a licence, having an incorrect number plate and issues with headlights, six vehicles being seized and three arrests for drug offences and breach of a court order.

A Section 59 notice under Police Reform Act 2002 was issued to a driver for anti-social driving, meaning should he be caught causing a nuisance to other members of the public within the next year, the vehicle will be seized.

The results of the operation so far, which has previously seen activity in March, April, June and September, include:

  • 215 fixed penalty notices issued for parking offences
  • 30 traffic offence reports issued
  • 15 vehicles seized
  • 88 people stop-searched
  • Nine vehicles stopped and searched
  • Nine people arrested
  • Seven people cautioned
  • 12 people given words of advice
  • 30 penalty charge notices issues

PC Laura Henning, from the Eastern NPT, said: “This latest intensification was over a 12-hour period and saw more than 60 people and vehicles engaged with or checked, all in response to the concerns the local community has raised.

“We aim to run the operation every six to eight weeks on top of the day-to-day work we do across the eastern sector, solely to be able to focus on the issues causing greatest harm and concern to local residents and businesses in Millfield.

“We continue to listen to our neighbourhoods and act on their concerns therefore please do continue to let us know what is of most importance to you.”

To report concerns to be passed on to your local neighbourhood team, click here.

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