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Officers rescue 18 people from refrigerated lorry

23 Feb 2021

Officers rescued 18 people from the back of a refrigerated lorry this morning (23 February) at the Haddon services on the A1M near Peterborough.

At about 11.30am police received a call from the driver of the HGV, who had noticed the people on board and was concerned for their welfare.

Paramedics attended the scene, but nobody was injured. The people’s their welfare will now be handled by the immigration services.

This incident follows a similar one on Wednesday (17 February) last week where three men were rescued from the back of a HGV on the A14 near Brampton.

Stories like this may be distressing, but highlight that slavery and trafficking are real and police need the public's help.

Warning signs to look out for, particularly at service stations or lay-bys, include:

People emerging from a lorry or HGV, especially suddenly or as if in a rush not to be seen

Hearing banging from the inside of a lorry – always call us on 999, especially if the lorry is refrigerated

A group of people heading towards, or going inside of, the back of a lorry

If anything about the vehicle doesn’t seem quite right – for example if produce is being thrown from it or something is being done to catch the attention of other motorists

Anyone who sees any of the above is urged to call police on 999 immediately and take a note of the vehicle registration number, even if it has foreign plates.

For more information about human trafficking or modern slavery, including how to report concerns and more warning signs to look out for, visit the force’s dedicated web page:

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