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Officers celebrate Ely Pride in style

13 Aug 2019

A senior officer attending Ely Pride at the weekend was spotted sporting a very unique piece of uniform for the occasion.

Superintendent James Sutherland, who attended the event with a number of colleagues from the force, wore a custodian (a police helmet), which had been specially designed and painted by two students at Cambridge Regional College.

Anna Strivens and Emily Pieters designed and painted the hat in rainbow colours to fit with the Pride theme and it’s fair to say, it was quite a hit at the event (Pictures attached).

Supt Sutherland said: “We had such a fantastic day. It’s hugely important that we attend these events to show our support and love for the lives and rights of the LGBT+ community. Sadly, this group of people still have to endure hate and discrimination and we want to show we will not tolerate it.

“I attended the event with a team of nine officers and cadets who gave up their free time to go along. We met so many wonderful people and took one of our cars and plenty of Pride-related materials for people to look at.

“The ‘Pride Custodian’ helmet was specially designed by some very talented students. It’s pretty spectacular and was photographed a lot, which is great because it will help spread our message of support to the LGBT+ community.”

“I love how Anna and Emily have managed to capture the spirit of Pride, while retaining the integrity and iconic features of the hat. It is now proudly displayed at police headquarters and I will be sure to bring it out for other Pride events and special occasions to show my support and solidarity with our LGBT+ community.”

Hate crime is a priority area for the force and we believe that everyone should be able to live their life free from fear of hate and discrimination. If you have been the victim or witness of a hate crime, please report it here ->

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We need all forms of hate reported so we can work to tackle it.

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