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Man who shot neighbour sectioned

15 Apr 2019

A man shot his neighbour in the face at point blank range with an air gun after being accused of vandalising a car.

William Moore, 46, was on his way to the shops at 9am on 5 July last year when he was confronted by his neighbour in Lavender Crescent, Peterborough, whose car had been damaged overnight.

During the argument, Moore pulled out a black air gun from his right pocket and said, “I am going to shoot you”. Realising the weapon was an air gun, the neighbour started recording Moore on his mobile phone.

They were standing just six feet apart when Moore pulled the trigger and a pellet hit the other man just below his left eye, causing substantial bleeding.

Another neighbour came to his aid and the pair went inside to call for an ambulance and police.

When arrested by armed police, Moore was in possession of the air gun, a lock knife and some scalpels. Officers also found an axe outside his property. Moore claimed he used the knives for his craft work and the axe to chop shrubs.

Moore, of Lavender Crescent, denied three counts of possession of a bladed article in public, wounding with intent and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. However, he was found guilty following a trial at Peterborough Crown Court.

Today (15 April) at the same court he was detained under Section 37 of the Mental Health Act.

Detective Sergeant Jason Hunns said: “It is illegal to carry an air weapon in a public space. These weapons might seem tame compared to a firearm, but they can still cause significant damage, particularly when fired at close range. It’s very lucky the victim didn’t suffer more serious injuries.”

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