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Man jailed for stalking

7 Apr 2020

A man who breached a court order has been jailed after he approached the victim, abused her and took money from her.

Azoun Limmage, 30, was issued with a non-molestation order in October, which stated he must not harass the victim, use intimidating or threatening behaviour towards her or be within 100 metres of her.

However, between December and January, Limmage breached this order and made contact with the victim on numerous occasions.

On 16 January he approached her as she walked along Rayson Way in Cambridge and tried to knock her phone out of her hand, hitting her in the face in doing so. He then followed her to Ditton Lane, where he continued to harass her and pushed her against a fence.

Later that day he went to her grandfather’s house on Ditton Lane, Cambridge, where she was visiting and told her to give him money and he would leave her alone, but after she gave him £50 he continued to harass her.

Limmage pursued and harassed the victim continually. He turned up at her home and her friends’ houses, waited for her outside shops and texted and called her on numerous occasions. He also left a number of threatening voice messages.

After his arrest, Limmage, of Fison Road, Cambridge, initially claimed he didn’t understand the conditions of the order, but later pleaded guilty to breaching it. He also pleaded guilty to stalking and assault by beating and was sentenced to seven months in prison at Peterborough Crown Court on Wednesday (1 April). He was also handed an indefinite restraining order.

PC Louise Wick, who investigated, said: “Limmage was clearly intent on contacting the victim and showed no regard for the non-molestation order placed on him.

“He caused extreme distress and I hope this shows how seriously we and the courts take breaches.

“I am glad Limmage is now behind bars where he belongs and an indefinite restraining order has been put in place.”


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