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Man jailed for abusive rampage against ex-partner

22 Jul 2021

A man who launched a violent attack against his former partner in a drunken, jealous rampage has been jailed.

Adam Bishop-Bridges, 32, went to the victim's home in Ely at about 7.30pm on 3 September 2018.

He began drinking and an argument broke out between the pair when he started smoking inside her home after she had previously told him not to.

The situation escalated when Bishop-Bridges punched the victim, a woman in her 20s, and began making jealous remarks.

When the woman went upstairs to get away, he followed her and punched her again in the mouth while continuing to shout at her.

Bishop-Bridges realised the woman was bleeding and started to apologise, but punched her once again in the eye.

The victim told him that she wanted to go to bed and that he should leave, but as she picked up her phone, he snatched it and threw it across the room before dropping it in the fish tank.

He continued his attack against her and as she tried to kick him away, he put his hands around her neck and pushed her.

He then bit her ear and caused it to bleed before leaving the address.

The woman then realised that he had caused damage to a number of items in her home including her TV, fish tank and ornaments.

She suffered knocked out teeth, a swollen eye, split lip and bruising to her arm and head as a result of the ordeal.

Bishop-Bridges, of Christopher Tye Close, Ely, was arrested when he handed himself into a police station five days later.

He admitted to causing actual bodily harm and criminal damage and was sentenced to two years and eight months at Cambridge Crown Court on Thursday, 8 July.

Sergeant Michael Gray said: "This was a horrific ordeal against a victim in her own home.

"Bishop-Bridges' behaviour was completely unacceptable and abuse of this kind will not be tolerated.

"No one should have to feel scared in their own home and I hope the sentence shows how seriously abuse is taken by police and the courts.

"I would encourage anyone who is suffering any form of domestic abuse to get in touch. We will be able to offer you support."

More information and advice around domestic abuse can be found on our dedicated web pages.

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