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Man became obsessed with MP

15 Aug 2019

A man became obsessed with MP Heidi Allen, bombarded her with messages, turned up at her home and posted images of her property online.

Ian Couch, 59, first met Ms Allen at a Remembrance Day service in November 2017.

Following this meeting he sent her a stream of emails, which were unrelated to her role, and relentlessly contacted her on Twitter about Brexit, to the extent she felt she had no option but to block him.

On 18 November, 2018, Couch attended Ms Allen’s home uninvited, asking her to return his war medals to then Prime Minister Theresa May.

Following this he posted messages on social media, which included aerial photos of the MP’s home and a rough description of where the property was. He bragged people had requested he post her exact address but that he wouldn’t out of “respect” for her.

Couch, of Broad End, Elsworth, admitted six counts of sending offensive or menacing communications.

Last Thursday (8 August) at Westminster Crown Court, Couch was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison. He was also handed an indefinite restraining order preventing him from contacting Ms Allen.

Detective Sergeant James Rabbett said: “Members of Parliament, like any other member of the public, have the right to live their lives without intimidation or fear for their safety.

“Couch’s behaviour became increasingly concerning and caused Ms Allen considerable distress.”

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