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Neighbourhood policing officers catch teen with machete in trousers

18 Jun 2021

A teenager from London who was found to have a two-foot long machete down his trousers in Peterborough has been jailed.

Neighbourhood policing officers were on patrol in the Lincoln Road area of Millfield yesterday morning (Thursday) when they smelt cannabis coming from a vehicle.

The two occupants were detained for a search and when routinely asked if they had anything on them that was sharp, 19-year-old Johnathan Yeye lifted up his coat to reveal the handle of a machete concealed within his trousers.

Removing the weapon from the teen’s waistband, officers found it to be a two-foot long machete wrapped in a plastic bag.

Yeye, of Hither Green Lane, Lewisham, Greater London, was arrested and later charged with being in possession of a machete in a public place as well as being in breach of a suspended sentence.

In January he received a 12-week suspended sentence at Central London Magistrates’ Court for drugs and weapon offences, as well as assaulting a police officer.

Yeye appeared at Huntingdon Magistrates’ Court this morning (Friday) where he was sentenced to a total of 33 weeks in a Young Offender Institution.

PC Scott Giles, from Peterborough’s Eastern Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “A big part of neighbourhood policing is to respond to community concerns, but also to patrol our neighbourhoods and act on any suspicions we may come across.

“No drugs were found during this stop-search however we were lucky to find and seize such a dangerous weapon before it could have been used in a potentially fatal attack.”

Anyone with information or concerns about someone who carries a weapon can report to police online.

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