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Man sentenced after robbing his friend

11 Apr 2019

A man stole his friend’s bike and later a Bluetooth speaker by punching him in the face, a court heard.

Jake Kohler, of Darwin Drive, Cambridge, rode away on the bike while his friend was sat beside it on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge.

The theft took place on 23 June last year and when the victim’s friend called him to ask where the bike was, Kohler told him someone had then stolen the bike from him at knifepoint.

However, two days later, Kohler called the man at 7.30pm and asked to meet him on Parker’s Piece – promising the victim that he would get his bike back.

The victim, together with another friend, met Kohler 15 minutes later and had a Bluetooth speaker sticking out of his rucksack.

Kohler, 18, noticed this and led the pair to Park Terrace, where he accused the victim of ‘snitching’ to police about his bike being stolen.

The victim denied this but Kohler punched him to the side of his face, knocking him to the ground, and then kicked the him to the head.

While lying on the ground, the man noticed Kohler was wearing orange, steel toecap boots.

Kohler asked the man if he could have his speaker and the man, still lying on the floor, said no.

Despite this, Kohler took the speaker from the man’s bag as he stood up and then biked away.

The man suffered minor injuries and attended Addenbrooke’s Hospital as a precaution. He had reddening to his face but was otherwise unharmed.

He reported the crime to police two days later.

Kohler was arrested on 29 June for a separate incident where he entered Iceland on Histon Road, Cambridge that same morning.

He argued with his own mother in the store and threatened staff members when they tried to calm the situation.

Police were called but Kohler fled the scene on foot. He was found on a nearby industrial estate, between Histon Road and French's Road, and arrested.

When Kohler’s flat was searched after his arrest, officers found the orange work boots used in the first incident - and the stolen Bluetooth speaker.

Before being released on bail Kohler left three voicemails on the robbery victim’s phone threatening him.

Kohler pleaded guilty to theft and, after standing trial at Cambridge Crown Court in March, was later found guilty of robbery and harassment.

He also admitted a further charge of threatening behaviour in relation to the second incident.

He was sentenced for both offences today (11 April) where he was handed a total of three years in prison.

Detective Sergeant Mike Barnshaw, who investigated the case with DC Michael Gray, said: “Kohler launched a nasty assault on someone who thought of him as a friend, all for the sake of a Bluetooth speaker.

“It is only through luck that the victim’s injuries were not more serious. The second incident was no doubt frightening for the staff involved, and Kohler’s threatening behaviour was unacceptable.”

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