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Keyless car theft crackdown rewarded at High Sheriff Awards

6 Nov 2019

The outstanding achievements of criminal justice system staff were recognised by the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire at an annual award ceremony last week.

The ceremony, running for the fifth year in a row, was held at force headquarters and hosted by High Sheriff Neil McKittrick, Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite and Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Brunning.

One officer, whose hard work and determination was recognised was PC Craig Trevor, who was awarded for his commitment and dedication to tackling keyless vehicle thefts.

PC Trevor identified a pattern of offending across Cambridgeshire and initially targeted offenders on his own via ANPR.

He eventually gathered enough information to put together warrants leading to a number of arrests and subsequently great court results, including Gintas Klymantas who was found guilty earlier this year of handling stolen goods and possessing false identity documents. In March he was located in St Pauls Road, Peterborough, dismantling two BMW cars that had been stolen a few hours earlier in Middlesex and Huntingdon. He was sentenced to three years three months in prison.

Another of PC Trevor’s cases involved Darius Dimanskas, who stole three Mercedes Sprinter vans in May, including the Dear Zoo van, which was taken from Peterborough and contained more than £41,000 worth of stage props. He moved the vehicles across four counties and when caught pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal motor vehicles. He was sentenced to two years and four months in prison.

PC Trevor was one of a number of police officers and staff who were recognised for their hard work and contribution to making our county a safer place.

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