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Care worker stole from dementia sufferer

12 Jul 2019

A care worker who stole from an elderly woman with dementia laughed when confronted by police about what she had done.

Elaine Hoy, 26, of Honeydon, Bedford, discovered jewellery in a bedside drawer while looking for paracetamol at the victim’s home in St Neots on 16 June 2019.

The house was fitted with CCTV and Hoy was caught in the act as she later returned to the drawer and took wedding and eternity rings.

The victim’s family discovered the rings were missing when they visited her that evening but only realised what had happened when they viewed the CCTV footage.

Hoy admitted the theft when she was arrested by police and returned the rings, claiming she had ‘taken them on a whim’ and ‘didn’t know why she had done it’.

On Tuesday (9 July) at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court she was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, suspended for two years and ordered to complete 300 hours unpaid work.

DC Natalie Marriot, who investigated, said: “Hoy was in a position of trust and when asked how she felt about what she had done, she laughed.

“Had the family not installed the cameras this crime might never have come to light, like many crimes committed against vulnerable people behind closed doors.

“Of course, not every care worker is out to commit crime; there are some wonderful people doing fantastic work, but I would always urge people to pay close attention to their loved ones and their possessions and report anything suspicious.”

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