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Be proud in policing: Inspector Luke Coulson talks about his experience serving as an officer while being part of the LGBTQ+ community

2 Jun 2021

Inspector Luke Coulson joined the police nearly 17 years ago and, while he was unsure back then, he hasn’t looked back since.

Luke now co-chairs the force’s LGBTQ+ network group Nexus, through which he is able to help others to better understand his community and the challenges they face.

He spoke to us about his experience of serving as an officer while being a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

“When I joined, I have to confess, I thought the police would be homophobic”, Luke said. “I was worried it would have entrenched attitudes and prejudices against ‘people like me’. I know of others who have made similar assumptions and it’s stopped them applying for jobs in the sector, which is a real shame because they could bring so much to the role.

“I can honestly say my experience has been fantastic. Cambridgeshire police has a very accepting and inclusive culture and it certainly proved my worries were unfounded. I’ve always felt supported in my role and been given the opportunities to progress and further my career just like anybody else, there are certainly no barriers due to my sexuality.”

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