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What happens next video transcript

Cambridgeshire Police how can we help you?

Hello, Cambridgeshire Police how can I help?

Cambridgeshire Police how can I help?

We receive several hundred calls a day. 999 is for the emergency calls, 101 is the non-emergency but they all come to the same room.

You can also talk to an operator via our webchat. They’re the same people who would be answering the 101 phones but you’re now able to talk to them online.

Cambridgeshire Police how can we help? Can you tell me when this happened please?

So when we’re making decisions about how we’re going to handle each call, we are assessing is this appropriate to just deal with over the phone or will this benefit from a face-to-face conversation with an officer?

Dd you see it happen or did you see the offender?

Once we’ve taken an initial report of a crime from the call taker, that will then go to our Investigations Management Unit (IMU) which is part of the Demand Hub here.

The IMU have got to do a few different tasks with this crime…

IMU review and quality assess all of the crimes that come through.

We will check that all the information is there that we require and we will make the decision as to whether that crime is then sent on for allocation to an officer to progress further.

We also check that the relevant safeguarding for victims has been carried out. We refer victims through to our Victims Hub if required, if they feel they have further needs.

And then the crime is allocated on to a sergeant for the local area where that crime has occurred.

After a report is sent to CID for investigation, it will be reviewed by a detective sergeant and that detective sergeant would allocate it to a detective constable.

The detective sergeant will obviously look for lines of enquiry, any witnesses, any fast track enquiries such as CCTV that need to be recovered urgently

And then the detective constable would make contact with the victim of crime, any witnesses and begin to gather evidence that will be able to assist them in solving that crime,

Crime investigation is methodical, and that sometimes means a lengthy process.

I think its natural for people to worry if there’s been a period of time where they haven’t heard back from the police wondering well I’ve reported it, what’s happening next?

Time is going by I’ve still not heard anything and I consider myself if I was to report a crime, I would want to have regular updates with what’s going on.

However, being this side of it I understand things take time.

We can reassure you that once you’ve reported a crime to us, we will be in touch with you so don’t worry if there’s a short delay between reporting a crime to us and you hearing from an officer.

If you have reported a crime to us, we will get back to you with an outcome.

However, this may take up to seven days for us to do so.

Please be assured that we will get in touch and we are investigating your report, there are just a number of reasons as to why this may take a while for more information on what happens next, please our what happens next page.

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