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Reporting intelligence what happens next transcript

Intelligence really is information about any criminal activity.

Intelligence could be from a range of sources. It could be from members of the public and it could be a sighting of a suspicious vehicle or it could be a sighting of a suspicious individual.

The majority of intelligence we get is from members of the public who meet police officers just carrying out their day-to-day duties.

Other ways to report is by telephoning to the 101 police number but also we’ve got the online reporting as well

That member of the public might not realise the impact on an investigation from reporting that.

There could be a piece of information, a piece of intelligence that we’re not aware of

Something they might feel isn’t particularly important at the time or they might not understand how that fits into the big picture but that could be the one piece of the jigsaw the officer needs to solve that crime.

We’ve got a team of specialist people and that ranges from intelligence operatives through to field intelligence officers and analysts

And what their job is when they receive intelligence to process it and that will require evaluating the intelligence, linking the intelligence and researching and developing it.

And then obviously they’ll liaise with different teams across the force area and beyond.

There is an understanding between the police and the public that we will look to protect the identity of the people providing that information so we do take a lot of care in relation to how we carry out that research

We review all intelligence that comes into the police service and we use that as part of our investigation process.

Just because you haven’t seen a police officer turn up if you report it, it doesn’t mean we’re not dealing with that.

That piece of intelligence could be the crucial link we need to solve a crime.

Our intelligence team review all of the intelligence that is reported to us.

The process of investigating intelligence can be lengthy and in order to protect the identity of those reporting information to us, we will not contact you with an update unless we really need to get in contact.

For more information please visit our what happens next page.

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