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Intelligence reporting - what happens next?

Reporting information about criminal activity, also widely known as reporting intelligence, is key in building cases and convicting criminals.

After reporting intelligence to us, you may be wondering what the next steps are and if you will hear back from us. You can read the next steps below.

In order to protect your identity and the individuals involved, we tend to avoid contact. However, if we urgently need further information or believe you or others involved may be at risk, we will consider contacting you.


The steps following an intelligence report are as follows:

  1. Intelligence Report is received. This would usually be via our online reporting services, however this could also be via officers and staff on duty or by telephoning 101.
  2. The information would then be assessed by a trained Intelligence officer. This involves researching the people, location, vehicles involved etc. but also opportunities of threat, risk or harm to the people involved.
  3. The information would then be linked to relevant cases, investigations and people.
  4. The intelligence officers will then look at opportunities to develop the intelligence further or take action, if it is required.
  5. If needed, it will be passed onto relevant people with the research completed – i.e. local officers / PCSOs ect.

If you would like to read more about what happens after you report a crime to us, click here.

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