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Support for victims and witnesses

If you report a crime to us, you will be asked questions to find out how you have been affected by it.

We may ask about your personal circumstances to see if there is any extra support you might need.

You will receive a letter or phone call from a skilled victim and witness care coordinator offering support as a victim of crime. They will work with you to assess your needs and create a plan to help you cope and recover from the effects of crime.

They will also ensure you receive your entitlements under the Victim’s Code of Practice on GOV.UK (opens in a new window), acting as your single point of contact, should you need them.

This support is also available to victims who do not wish to report a crime to us.

If you have been a victim of a crime but don't want to report it to us, you can still speak with a member of the Victim and Witness Hub coordinators for support.

Victim Services website

The Victim Services Websit for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough (opens in a new window)provides free information about the support available to victims and witnesses of crime.

Emotional support

Everyone copes with the after-effects of crime differently and can vary from person to person depending on their personality, the support of friends and family and their personal circumstances.

Whether you have been affected by crime recently or from the past, our coordinators and volunteers specialise in helping you understand what has happened and how to recover from the experience.

Practical support

The after-effects of crime are not just emotional. You may have to deal with practical issues such as;

  • arranging to secure or repair a broken window
  • understanding the criminal process
  • preparing for courts and trial.

Rest assured our Victim and Witness Hub is here to help you with these things. The hub work with a range of specialist organisations where they can refer you to, or give you information of support organisations that you can contact in your own time.

Support for witnesses

We appreciate and value all witnesses who come forward. When a suspect is charged with an offence, we speak to the victim(s) and witness(es) to update them on the progress of the case and advise if they will be needed at court.

As a witness, we will support you practically and emotionally if you are required to attend court to give evidence. We work closely with the Witness Service who offer pre-trial visits to a court room and can also support a witness during a trial.

Young victims of crime

If you're a young person who's been affected by crime, you don't have to report the crime to us to get help. The You and Co website (opens in a new window)provides specialist help to young people about the affects of crime.

A specialist victim care coordinator is available in the Victim and Witness Hub to help young victims of crime and their families.

Victim's Code of Practice

  • A right to information about your crime within specified timescales, including the right to be notified of any arrests and court cases
  • a dedicated Family Liaison Officer [insert link to staff/FLO info] to be assigned to bereaved family members
  • clear information from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)(opens in a new window) on eligibility for compensation
  • all victims to be told about the Victim and Witness Hub and referred to them or offered their support services
  • an enhanced support service in the cases of vulnerable or intimidated victims
  • flexibility to opting in or out of receiving support services to ensure you receive the level of service you want.

View the full Victim’s Code of Practice on GOV.UK (opens in a new window)

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