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Victim and offender solution

Victim and offender solution is what we call 'community remedy'. 

A community remedy, allows a victim of crime to think of a way for the offender to make amends. The request must be fair and the offender must agree to do it.

Agreeing a solution with an offender

Community remedy is usually for low-level crime, such as a smashed window, and replaces the need for formal action if the offender agrees to carry out the requested task.

Not all crimes can be dealt with using community remedy, examples of where it can be used include;

Below is a list of examples where community remedy can't be considered;

  • the victim is vulnerable due to age, mental health or being targeted
  • the offender has previously been arrested, carried out community resolution, been convicted and/or been handed a caution, conditional caution, reprimand, final warning or youth conditional caution
  • the offender does not admit to the offence or shows no remorse.

Where community remedy may be an option for you as a victim, you will be advised through the support given by our victim and witness hub.

For more information about community remedy you may wish to visit (opens in a new window).

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