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Tackling drugs in Peterborough

In Peterborough we have launched a partnership project to tackle issues connected to drugs. Known as Operation Spotlight, it is a pilot scheme co-ordinated through the Safer Peterborough Partnership (SPP), to reduce the impact drugs have on our communities.

A range of operations and activities are being carried out by multiple agencies to tackle criminality and safeguarding issues linked to drugs.

There is some great work being carried out by different organisations across our city and Operation Spotlight is all about bringing this work together to achieve even better results.

Tackling drug issues isn’t just about arresting suppliers and seizing substances, it is much more than that; working with drug users to rehabilitate them, educating young people of the risks of getting involved with drugs gangs, testing the quality of drugs, understanding how vulnerable people are being drawn into criminal networks, and much more.

Through the operation we will share information in order to build up a much clearer picture of the impact of drugs in our city and tackle the issue head-on.

Part of the work is to educate young people around county lines drug networking,working with the education sector to tackle this issue at an early stage.

Information sharing will play a key part in the success of this operation, from refuse workers feeding in where hotspot areas for discarded needles are, to licensed premises taking a zero-tolerance approach to drugs in their venues and reporting this to police and licencing.

Information reported to us by members of our communities goes a long way in helping to build up a better picture of what is happening in our city.  If you have any information or concerns about drug activity in your area please report it to us via this online form.

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