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Staying safe on the road

Improving safety on our roads remains a priority.

Whether you’re a driver, biker, cyclist or pedestrian, you should always consider the safety of yourself and those around you when heading out on the road.

Driving safety

To help avoid unnecessary collisions, always;

  • wear a seatbelt
  • drive with caution by the conditions of the road
  • reduce your speed if it’s icy, snowing or raining
  • be aware of other road users
  • keep lights, mirrors and windows clean and clear
  • ensure your windscreen wipers are working
  • make sure your tyre tread and pressure are correct
  • remain a safe distance away from the vehicle in front
  • don’t drive tired
  • consider the ‘fatal four’ most common causes of road deaths; always wear your seatbelt, don’t speed, don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol and don’t use your mobile whilst driving.

Pedestrian safety

Pedestrians can be vulnerable road users. To help keep yourself safe, consider;

  • wearing high visibility or bright clothing to make sure you can be seen by other road users
  • the Highway Code
  • using traffic islands, zebra crossings and other safe places to cross roads.

Motorbike safety

The main cause of collisions involving motorcyclists are;

  • bends – ensure your speed is appropriate to prevent losing control
  • overtaking – doing this on the approach to junctions or driveways should be avoided and always expect vehicles to turn right without warning
  • junctions - look for vehicles pulling out from side roads and entering roundabouts - be prepared to stop and take action.

More information on motorcyclist safety for riders and other drivers can be found on the THINKand Bikesafewebsites.

Cycle safety

As a cyclist, you should always consider taking the following precautions;

  • wearing high visibility or bright clothing to make sure you can be seen by other road users
  • having lights on the front and back of your cycle as it is illegal to ride in the dark without them
  • wearing a cycle helmet, it could save your life
  • obeying the Highway Code for cyclists.

Further advice and information about bike safety is available on the BikeSafe website.

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