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Anti-poaching initiative

Every effort is made to catch and prosecute all hare coursers and illegal poachers, however there are things you can do to protect your land and make it difficult for the coursers.

They don’t all cost the earth either. As they say prevention is better than cure.

Block gates and field access points

Here are some devices which have proved successful in blocking field access to unauthorised vehicles, most of which can be home-made.

Tractor only access:

Dragon claws

Rolled steel Joists cut down, welded together and buried in a gate entrance. Allows access in a tractor or sprayer but blocks cars and 4x4s from entering. 

Concrete filled tyres 

Old lorry tyres filled with concrete with another tyre as a lifting point. Very heavy and can be driven over with tractors or sprayers but not cars or 4x4s.


Movable blockers

  • steel barrels filled with concrete and an RSJ or scaffolding poles connecting them.
  • IBCs, road plainings or tyres can be filled with gravel.


Blocking systems you can buy

Interlocking or forklift-movable concrete blocks

Drive-over poacher block

A concrete gate block that allows farm machinery easy access but acts as a barricade for fly-tipping, lorries, pickups, caravans and hare coursers.

Power rising barriers

Powered rising barriers. Can be mains and solar powered. Expensive but an option for those with large farms and only one entrance. 

Ditching around fields

Dig ditches around open fields to prevent vehicles driving onto them. 

Ditches should be at least 2ft wide and 2ft deep with the dugout soil placed on the field side so the dirt can’t be pushed back in with a vehicle.

 Green cover crops

To make land less attractive to coursers plant a green cover crop such as mustard or oil radish on any spring crop land which is to be over wintered cultivated stubble.

The crop can be on the whole field if required or to save costs plant in 12-24 foot wide strips. This breaks up the sight lines for the dogs making it difficult to course.


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