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Cambs Cops: Our Stories

ASB week - Fenland, officer and car

An original true crime podcast series

Ever wanted to delve into the complex world of policing and hear first hand the impact of some of our most serious crimes? ‘Cambs Cops: Our Stories’ is the force’s first true crime podcast series, providing an insight into policing in Cambridgeshire..

Series 1 episodes

Through cases studies, first hand experiences and interviews with officers the series explores a number of our priority areas – including modern day slavery, domestic abuse and county lines drug activity.

During the series we have been joined by a number of survivors who share their stories of how the crimes against them have changed their lives forever.

Podcast Episodes
1 "Leaving him was the best thing I have done" Domestic Abuse Read or listen to episode 1 now
2 The nose knows Police dogs Read or listen to episode 2 now
3 Tackling county lines in Cambridgeshire Drug dealing and exploitation Read or listen to episode 3 now
4 The P word Sex offenders and child abuse Read or listen to episode 4 now
5 "I didn't think I would be believed" Serious sexual offences Read or listen to episode 5 now
6 Knives ruin lives Knife crime Read or listen to episode 6 now
7 Five years living in the woods Modern slavery Read or listen to episode 7 now
8 An avoidable tragedy - the anatomy of a fatal collision Road collisions Read or listen to episode 8 now


Episode information

WARNING : Some episodes contain content that is of a sensitive nature or discusses adult themes.


  • Episode 1 - "Leaving him was the best thing I have done"

In our first episode of the series, we speak anonymously to a brave domestic abuse survivor who suffered threats and physical abuse at the hands of her ex-partner and hopes to encourage other victims to speak out. We will also be hearing from Detective Constable Jess Day who investigated this case and will explain the support available to sufferers of abuse.

  • Episode 2  - The nose knows!

From sniffing out evidence such as drugs or firearms, to finding missing people or catching criminals, our police dogs really are vital in helping us keep Cambridgeshire safe. In this podcast we speak to members of the dog unit about their crime-fighting canines and experiences on the unit. Remember - the nose knows!

  • Episode 3 -Tackling county lines in Cambridgeshire

In this podcast we’ll be delving into the world of drugs and county lines in Cambridge. We’re joined by Sergeant Paul Street who heads op one of our Neighbourhood Support Teams to tackle the growing issue. You’ll find out why drug dealing affects whole communities and the lengths dealers will go to hide their stashes but also the determination of the team to catch those responsible.

  • Episode 4 - The P word

The management of registered sex offenders in our communities is not an area we often talk about but is something that no doubt concerns many people, particularly those with children. In this episode we speak to Detective Sergeant Kayleigh Smith from the Public Protection Unit to discuss how we manage offenders in the community as part of efforts to keep children safe.  

  • Episode 5 - "I didn't think I would be believed"

Often survivors of serious sexual offences worry they will not be believed. In this podcast we speak to a woman who was initially concerned that would be the case, as she talks us through her experiences and what happened after she reported the offences. We also discuss the process of reporting a sexual offence, speaking to Detective Inspector Amerjit Singh and Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) Manager, Rachel Matheson.

  • Episode 6 - Knives ruin lives

In October 2019 30-year-old Alex Fitzpatrick was fatally stabbed 15 times on a St Neots street in front of loved ones. At the Old Bailey last year, 33-year-old Robert Parkins was found guilty, by a unanimous jury of Alex’s murder and jailed for 19 years. In this episode we speak to Sergeant Amanda Rossiter, who was one of the first on the scene, about the fateful day and the dangers of carrying knives.

  • Episode 7 - Five years living in the woods

Operation Laysan was one of the force’s most mysterious investigations which took many turns. In September 2015, Ricardas Puisys vanished from his home in Wisbech. A murder investigation was launched by the major crime unit and the hunt for his body began. Ricardas had not been seen for three years before the investigation took an unexpected turn…

  • Episode 8 - An avoidable tragedy, the anatomy of a fatal collision

Last year 35 people were killed in road collisions in Cambridgeshire. Every one was investigated by police and caused devastation for victims’ family and friends. And every one could have been avoided. In this podcast we speak to Claire Danks, whose 22-year-old daughter Lauren was killed in a crash caused by a drunk driver in 2016, and Sergeant Mark Dollard, a traffic officer.

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