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Cambs Cops Our Stories Podcast

Episode 8: An avoidable tragedy - the anatomy of a fatal collision

Last year 35 people were killed in road collisions in Cambridgeshire. Every one was investigated by police and caused devastation for victims’ family and friends. And every one could have been avoided.

In this podcast we speak to Claire Danks, whose 22-year-old daughter Lauren was killed in a crash caused by a drunk driver in 2016, and Sergeant Mark Dollard, a traffic officer.

Listen to or read Episode 8

‘Cambs Cops: Our Stories’ is the force’s first true crime podcast series, providing an insight into policing in Cambridgeshire.

This podcast is available to watch and listen via the media player with subtitles included. A written transcript of the episode is also available via the link below.

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Staying safe on the road

Improving safety on our roads remains a priority.

Whether you’re a driver, biker, cyclist or pedestrian, you should always consider the safety of yourself and those around you when heading out on the road.


Driving under the influence

Any amount of alcohol or drugs in your body can affect your ability to drive and hundreds of people are killed or injured each year as a result.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs risks your life and also the lives of those around you. This includes legal medication prescribed by your GP or hospital as some medications affect your driving ability.

There is no excuse for driving whilst on drugs or under the influence of alcohol as it creates a feeling of overconfidence, makes judging distance and speed more difficult and slows your response reactions.

For more information on drink driving or how to report concerns about dangerous driving visit our Road Safety information pages.

Report a drink or drug driver

To report a drink or drug driver, please call 0800 032 0845 and you could help save a life.

The hotline is confidential hotline and open 24/7 to report people driving under the influence in Cambridgeshire. You will be asked to provide as much information as possible, including the name of the driver and make, colour and registration number of the vehicle.

If a crime is taking place or you feel someone is in immediate danger, please dial 999.

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