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What is Pegasus? 

Pegasus is a scheme designed to help people who have difficulty communicating when they come into contact with emergency services. 

By joining the scheme names, addresses and other information that may be difficult to provide in an emergency will be held on a secure database. 

Members are given a card and unique PIN which can be used when contacting us by phone, online or in person. 

This means members don't have to spend time providing personal details and can tell us straight away why they might need our help.


Who can join the scheme? 

Pegasus is available to those living in Cambridgeshire who may find it hard to communicate in a difficult situation. 

Those who care for people with communication difficulties are able to register on behalf of the person who wishes to sign up for the scheme. 

Apply using the form below, it’s free and any information provided will be held securely.

  • All questions marked with an * need an answer
  • Name
  • Address
  • Do you live at more than one address (e,g, due to parents separating

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