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Internet safety advice for parents and carers

Almost all children today have access to the internet through schools, libraries, community centres or at home. The internet can be accessed through a phone, tablet, games console, laptop or computer.

It is recommended that your home computer, games console, mobile or tablet device is used in a family area for you to monitor internet activity and online conversations.

Children and young people’s use of the internet can be for email, chatting with friends, playing games and creating websites or blogs. Even if they are ‘savvy’ internet users, it is still a dangerous place for them without necessary parental guidance and observation.

Help your child stay safe online

Here you can find some top tips on what to look out for so that you can spot anything suspicious and report it;

  • place computers in central areas of your home so you can monitor activity
  • set times your child can go online and rules of websites they are allowed to access
  • set parental controls on mobiles, tablets and computers that block inappropriate websites and advertisements to protect children and young people
  • talk freely with your child about internet safety and ensure they understand not to give out personal information such as their address, telephone number or email, social media profiles or pictures for example
  • report inappropriate online activities and contact us immediately if an adult tries to set up a meeting with your child
  • report any online pornography to your internet provider.

More information about internet safety is available from the NSPCC. If you are concerned your child is being bullied online, information about how to tackle this is also available from the NSPCC.

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