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Hate crime

Cambridgeshire Constabulary does not tolerate hate crime and we urge you to report all incidents.

The more information we gather on hate crime, the more we know about these types of crimes and who commits them. All this important information is gathered and continuously reviewed to enable us to work together to reduce, prevent and stamp out hate crime.

We have a diverse community in Cambridgeshire and we recognise that everyone should be allowed to live their lives free from harassment and the fear of hate crime.

'Hate' is defined as: any incident which may or may not be a criminal offence, but can be seen or felt to be motivated by prejudice or hate by the victim.

Effects of hate crime

We understand the effects hate crime can have on victims, their families and the wider community and because of that, we’re able to deal with hate crime issues and causes.

Hate crime can be motivated by;

  • race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality or origin, including gypsy’s and travellers
  • religion, faith and those of no faith
  • gender, gender identity (often referred to as transphobia), resentment or fear of transgender, transsexuals or transvestites
  • sexual orientation, homophobia, resentment or fear of gay, lesbian or bisexual people
  • disabilities, including learning difficulties, sensory, physical or mental impairment.

Hate crimes can also be in many forms, such as;

  • physical attacks, physical assault, damage to property, offensive graffiti, neighbour disputes and arson
  • threats of being attacked, offensive letters, abusive or obscene phone calls, unfounded malicious complaints, intimidating groups, stares and dirty looks
  • verbal abuse, insults and abusive gestures
  • offensive leaflets and posters, the dumping of rubbish outside homes or through letterboxes, theft or fraud, domestic abuse, bullying at home, online, school or workplace.

The definitions and instances of hate crime described above are by no means definitive and can arise in any form.

View the True Vision website to find an organisation that can offer support for victims of hate crime.

Report hate crime

It’s important to report hate crimes or incidents to us, whether you have been effected directly or have witnessed an incident. We understand you may feel the incident is too minor to bother the police with, however it’s important for us to know what has happened so we can help wipe out hate crime.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of hate crime, please report this to us;

If there is not an immediate threat or emergency and you would prefer not to report a hate crime incident to the police, you may report to;

  • Crimestoppers UK – an independent charity which you can anonymously report hate crime incidents, or any other type of crime.

Other useful information about hate crime

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