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Honour crimes

Honour based violence and forced marriages are types of domestic abuse . Honour abuse can affect anybody in any community and is closely associated with domestic abuse and child protection matters.

Honour crimes

Honour based violence is often committed in an attempt to protect or defend the ‘honour’ of a family or community. It usually involves family members or friends believing someone has brought shame to their family or community, by doing something outside their traditional beliefs or culture.

Honour based violence can cause isolation, a lack of independence or even forced marriage. It can be committed against people who;

  • become involved with a boyfriend or girlfriend from a different culture or religion
  • want to get out of an arranged marriage
  • want to get out of a forced marriage
  • wear clothes or take part in activities that might not be considered traditional within a particular culture.

There is no honour in threatening or harming others and no instances of honour based violence are too minor to report to us. It can affect the whole community, not just those involved or victimised directly. Our officers are committed to keeping victims safe and are on hand to offer advice and prosecute offenders where necessary.

Report honour based violence or forced marriage

If you believe that you, or someone you know, is a victim of honour based violence or being forced into a marriage please call 101. In an emergency always call 999.

More details on honour based violence and forced marriage can be found on the Crown Prosecution Service website.

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