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Terrorism prevention work

Find out about what we’re doing to keep Cambridgeshire safe, how to spot possible terrorist activity and how to report anything suspicious that you’ve seen or heard. 

Terrorism prevention is managed by six police forces across the eastern region: Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Essex.

Bedfordshire Police are the lead force for the eastern region.

Terrorism in the UK

The threat from terrorism is real and serious. We’ve seen that terrorists can strike at any time and any place without warning. We play a key role in protecting the UK, but communities defeat terrorism and we need help and support from you and your community. 

Terrorism prevention work

We engage with communities, education settings, faith establishments, medical and mental health services, criminal justice, partner agencies and our colleagues in the police.

This partnership working helps us to identify those who are most vulnerable to radicalisation, allowing us to intervene before an offence is committed.

Prevention teams work closely with partner agencies in Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent training (WRAP), following the creation of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015.

Counter Terrorism Security Advisers

As part of the ongoing national counter terrorism strategy, we have a dedicated team of Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSAs) who are trained and tasked by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

The CTSAs aim to reduce the threat of terrorism by providing advice and promoting awareness of how to keep safe. Contact a CTSA.

Counter terrorism at ports

Our Special Branch Ports Unit contributes towards countering the terrorist threat by posting officers to airports and seaports.

The Terrorism Act 2000 enables officers to stop, question and search a person at a port or in a border control area to determine whether they are, or have been, involved in preparing, instigating or carrying out acts of terrorism.

UK Government strategy to prevent terrorism

CONTEST is the Government’s Counter Terrorism strategy that aims to prevent people from becoming a terrorist or supporting terrorism. The strategy aims to achieve the following;

  • Prevent: prevent the possibility of a terrorist attack
  • Pursue: stop terrorists
  • Protect: strengthen our protection against a terrorist attack
  • Prepare: minimise the impact if an attack occurs.

More information on the current terrorism threat level can be found on the Home Office website and the National Police Chief’s Council counter terrorism pages.

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