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We are trialling an innovative video streaming platform called GoodSAM over a six month pilot study that will allow you to share video and your GPS location from your smartphone when you call 999 to ask for help.

What is GoodSAM? 

GoodSAM is a video streaming platform, which allows colleagues and members of the public to share what they’re seeing at the scene of an incident with emergency services via the video on their mobile phone. The camera tool, opened by a link sent to the caller via a text or an email, will allow the call handler to track both the location and the live video footage of the scene in front of the caller. 

How does it work?

If our control room operator believes that there is benefit in seeing your video or tracking your location, they may send you an email or text message after gaining your consent. Clicking on a web link contained within the text message will enable your camera and GPS which will immediately start transmitting a live stream into our control room whilst you are still on the phone to us.  



What will it do? 

Providing our control room operators with this information will assist them in determining exactly the right type of resources to dispatch, and aid them in understanding what is being reported to them. Being able to track your location whilst on the phone means that officers sent to an incident know exactly where to go and can get to you in the soonest time. We also have the ability to share this footage with other relevant people – this could be the officers on the way to you, but could also be the fire or ambulance service. The aim of this platform is to provide a more effective service to the public by sending the most appropriate resources, and to gather best evidence of any crimes that are being committed so that we can bring offenders to justice.

When does the pilot start and end? 

This is a 6 month pilot that will commence on Monday 3rd February and will conclude on Monday 3rd August 2020.

How do the police plan on using the GoodSAM platform? 

At beginning of the pilot we will use the following services:

SMS initiated Live Video Streaming –We will be able to send a text messages to initiate a live video stream (as explained above). 

Live Streaming from Police Officer Devices – allfront line response officers will be able to live stream and share footage directly with a recipient via the Goodsam Responder application on their Police issued smartphones.  The pilot will also explore other existing technology such as drones and action cameras.   

What sort of device do I need?

A modern smartphone or tablet with a camera. It will work with both Apple and Android Operating Systems. Older models of phone or tablet may not be supported.

Does it cost me anything?

Streaming video through GoodSAM will use a small amount of your mobile data allowance. The video is highly compressed for transmission over the 3G/4G network therefore it will only use a very small amount of data. If you are connected to WiFi, then your mobile data will not be used.

Do I need to download an app?

No. This service works without you needing to download anything beforehand. All you need to do is click the link in the text message and allow access to your camera and location when prompted.

What data is collected and what happens to it?

To initiate live streaming it requires an email address or a mobile number and as such is captured by the system.  It will also capture your IP address and GPS location.

Can the Police access information on my phone?

We will have no access to any data on your device either during or after use of GoodSAM. We only see your video feed and location whilst your web browser is open. Once the live streaming is finished, we will have no ongoing access to your camera or location and you will receive an automated text message confirming this.  

What will happen to the video and where will it be stored?

All video transmitted through GoodSAM is recorded though it will not store on your device. The recorded video will be stored by the Police and may form part of a criminal investigation. All footage will be dealt with sensitively and redacted where required. 

We adhere to MOPI (Management of Police Information) rules - Any footage retained is graded against a MOPI review group which will be dependent on the offence type – see further guidance at: Police Information Management. Any footage and data captured that will not form part of a case will automatically delete after 31 days.

Will the video be shared outside of the Police?

In an emergency situation your live video could be shared with other emergency services. 

With regards to recorded video we work closely with other professional agencies and sharing will only take place if there is an Information Sharing Agreement in place and that it is necessary and proportionate to do so.

When a video is shared there is a requirement for the Police to record the reason for doing so and the system is fully auditable.

What about security?

Our GoodSAM platform has been through a rigorous security assessment and all data is fully encrypted.

Who else is using GoodSAM? 

GoodSAM is a well-established platform that is being used by Ambulance Trusts across the world.

The GoodSAM Cardiac system integrates with ambulance service CAD (computer aided dispatch) systems to trigger attendance from the nearest local responder while the ambulance service is on route. London Ambulance Service are also able to open any callers mobile phone camera and instantly LOCATE and VISUALISE the scene/patient. This enables better resource deployment and earlier care.  This system is being used with great success and you can watch the video by clicking here.

If you are First Trained you can apply to join GoodSAM Responder Service by downloading and registering on the Responder application from the Apple or Android App Store.

They also provide an Alerter App via the Apple or Android App Store that dials 999 and triggers the GoodSAM Responer System.  If you are a member of public you can call the emergency services and help from nearby qualified Responders using this application

What do you think to the GoodSAM pilot study? 

Whether you have used the technology or not, your opinion matters to us. Please fill out the anonymous survey below to help us gather thoughts and feelings for our local community. 

  • Are you supportive of what we are trying to achieve with this live streaming platform?


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