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Child sex offender disclosure scheme - Sarah's Law

The child sex offender disclosure scheme, also known as Sarah’s Law, allows you to ask us whether someone with access to a child has a record of child sex offences.

Apply for disclosure information

Anyone who looks out for the welfare of a child can make an enquiry. This can include parents, carers, guardians, extended family, friends and neighbours.

To apply for disclosure information you can visit your local station or you can call us on 101. A trained member of staff will take your details and register your application under the scheme. Find your location station.

If you believe a child in in immediate danger, always call 999.

Disclosure information - application process

Once you have applied for disclosure information, we will carry out relevant checks as soon as we can.

An officer will be assigned to your application and a visit will be arranged. This will include a face-to-face interview to verify your identification and gather more details about your request.

Our aim is to complete all disclosure requests within 45 days but timescales vary between applications. If we receive information which suggests a child is at immediate risk, appropriate actions will be taken.

For advice on child welfare concerns, visit our child abuse page for more information

Child sex offender disclosures

Disclosures provide you with information we hold on an individual in relation to posing significant risk to children, including any previous child sex offence convictions.

Information will only be provided if it is in the interest of the child’s welfare and is not believed to increase the risk of harm. Disclosures will only be given to the person best placed to protect the child and who needs to know the details in order to keep the child safe, usually a parent, carer or guardian.

We always aim to maintain the confidentiality of the applicant and we carefully plan all disclosures to minimise the risk of harm to those concerned. Any disclosed information is to be kept confidential and is only to be used to keep children safe.

Further information on the national child sex offender disclosure scheme is available on the NSPCC website here - National Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) (opens in a new window).

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