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Quick exit

Have you been burgled?

By taking these steps to protect the scene, you could help us catch those responsible.

Do not touch

Do not touch or clean any surfaces which have been targeted by offender/s.

These surfaces can be good opportunities for fingerprints and DNA.


Avoid fixing things

Avoid touching or fixing the area in which your property was entered including the door/window and flooring in front of it, again this provides numerous opportunities for forensic examination.


Do not walk on items

Do not touch/walk on any paper which may have been scattered on the floor as these can be good opportunities for fingerprints and footwear marks.


Avoid waearing shoes

Avoid walking on any hard flooring with shoes on. If this is not possible then lay some newspaper or paper on the floor to preserve any potential footwear marks.


Do not move items

If anything has been left behind by the offender/s then please do not move it/touch it. If it is outside and there is wet weather then move inside with a plastic bag.


 Wait for the police

Ideally leave everything where it is found and wait for the police to attend.


A secure home will reduce the chance of you getting burgled. But, if you get home and notice signs of a break-in, you can report a burglary to us online or by calling 101.

If you believe the intruder is still inside your home, you should call 999.

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