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Gardens and outbuildings

Items in your gardens, sheds and other outbuildings are usually more accessible to thieves.

Securing your property boundary

Alongside our advice to prevent your property from being burgled, we also recommend protecting any belongings you keep outside your home. You may want to consider these options for safeguarding your property boundary;

  • having high fences or hedges can be helpful as they reduce the visibility of what is in your garden, which secure your property boundary from potential trespassing or burglary
  • if you have a garden, pathway or driveway gate to access the back of your property, we recommend fitting locks, bolts or padlocks on the inside toward the top and the bottom for added security and to reduce the possibility of the locks being damaged to gain access
  • having gravel around your property grounds can help to prevent intruders, as it is noisy to walk on
  • place thorny shrubbery or plants around the top of perimeter fencing to deter intruders from climbing over. Diamond shaped garden trellis fencing is difficult to climb and is good for placing thorny plants
  • install prikka-strip panels on fencing or walls
  • front boundaries with hedges, trees or shrubs shouldn't be more than 1m in height as these can give a burglar a 'screen' to hide behind
  • side and rear boundaries should be a minimum of 1.8m in height. Planning permission from your may be needed for anything above 2m. Find your local council on GOV.UK 
  • outdoor security lighting can help to intimidate a thief when it’s dark as they don’t want to be seen or recognised. Security lighting known as 'dusk till dawn' can be used to detect movement through heat and motion sensors. Try to place lights out of reach to avoid them being tampered with.

Securing garages, outbuildings and sheds

For any storage lockers, sheds, garages or other outbuildings you may have on your property, we advise you think about these security options to protect them from being accessed;

  • always ensure you lock your garage or shed and don’t store any valuable items in there, unless you use appropriate security measures
  • store gardening equipment and tools in your shed, garage or other outbuilding, as burglars can use these to break into your home
  • depending on the type of garage door you have, it is recommended you seek advice from a registered tradesperson, locksmith or the business you purchased the garage door from, to ensure you have the correct locks or bolts for ultimate security, to reduce the possibility of a break-in
  • side or rear garage doors can be secured with British Standard 5-lever mortice locks and two internal mortice rack bolts placed towards the top and bottom to reduce the leverage points
  • shed doors can be secured with two hasp and staple bolts for closed shackle padlocks to be attached to. Install the bolts with one towards the top and the other at the bottom to reduce the leverage points. You could also replace the screws of the fixings with one-way clutch head screws, to prevent them being tampered with
  • windows to garages, sheds or outbuildings can be secured with internal diamond mesh grilles, which provide a good visual obstacle to burglars.

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