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Licence management

The local council is responsible for authorising alcohol licences in Cambridgeshire and the police are responsible for ensuring those who sell or supply alcohol do so legally.

All licensed premises must support the four licensing objectives set within the Licensing Act 2003, which are;

  1. to prevent crime and disorder
  2. promote public safety
  3. prevent public nuisance
  4. protect children from harm.

Request a licence review

Anyone can ask their local council to review a premises licence. A review can be requested if there have been problems at the premises linked to the four licensing objectives. 

Before requesting a review, please contact your local council or local police licensing team as we may already be aware and assisting with the issues.

A licence review is examined by a special committee of local councillors who are specifically trained in licensing matters. The committee can;

  • leave the licence as it is
  • revoke or suspend a premises licence
  • modify conditions or hours on the licence
  • exclude a licensable activity on the licence
  • remove the Designated Premises Supervisor. 

Licensing checks

Officers work closely with a number of partners to carry out the necessary checks on businesses and individuals who apply for a licence, or hold an existing licence, and who may be causing or contributing to a problem in the community. Licensing partners include;

  • Trading Standards
  • Environmental Health
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • NHS
  • Security Industry Authority
  • Local authorities
  • HMRC
  • UKBA.

Unacceptable behaviour at a licensed premises

If an alcohol related issue, such as anti-social behaviour, crime or underage sales, happens at a licensed premises, we take positive action by;

  • working in partnership with the licence holder or designated premises supervisor
  • closing the premises, if the issue is caused by violent crime or public nuisance
  • reviewing the premises licence
  • the council issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice 
  • prosecuting the individual. 

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