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Stop search and use of force scrutiny panel

Having trust and belief in Cambridgeshire Constabulary is absolutely essential to our communities. In being open and transparent with them on issues such as stop and search and the use of force, and showing that we are accountable for our actions, we aim to improve that trust.

A community panel has been created to look at both of these issues to scrutinise our use of them. New volunteers to join the group are welcome and further details are below.

Members of the panel meet quarterly. They review and scrutinise our use of stop and search and use of force, which can include unarmed defence tactics, the use of physical restraint, such as handcuffs, and the use of other police equipment, including incapacitant spray.

Random dip-samples take place and the panel then meet to look at the method and legality of stop and searches and the appropriateness of the use of force.

By examining records, officer statements and body worn video footage, they provide feedback to the Constabulary. Any feedback received from any of the scrutiny sessions, either positive or negative, is fed back into the organisation so we can continue to listen to your views and shape our organisation so we can proudly serve our communities in the manner which they expect and deserve.

Getting involved

The countywide panel will consist of members who live, work or study within Cambridgeshire. Our aim is to ensure the panel will represent the demographics of the county. The minimum age for taking part will be 16.

Membership will be annually reviewed to ensure the panel continues to represent the demographic.

If you are interested in joining the panel contact:

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