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Special Constable 4401 Ladislav Demeter

The name of the Officer: Special Constable 4401 Ladislav Demeter

The date of the hearing: 1st September 9.30am start.

The location at which the hearing will take place: Cambridgeshire Constabulary HQ, Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon, PE29 6NP. (Members of the public to attend remotely)

The conduct that is the subject matter of the case

  • Investigated because it is alleged that you may have committed a section 4A public order offence as well as Harassment.
  • The specifics are that on the 21 October 2020 from 01:15 hours onwards, that after your neighbour asked you to turn the music down, she was faced with verbal abuse and threatening behaviour towards herself and her family. It is reported that this type of behaviour continued until around 08:00 hours.
  • The victim states that you were told about their child having to wake up at 07:00 hours to get ready for nursery and that you and those within the property deliberately kept the family awake. The victim heard shouts of ‘It’s 6am – only one hour to go. We’ve fucked them up’. It      is also reported that there were plans to do this again.
  • You are apparently seen standing outside the victim’s window and gesturing with your two fingers up at them and laughing. You are also seen looking at your watch and laughing so as to show you were successful in disturbing them all night.
  • It is alleged that the walls of your neighbours were kicked too.
  • The victim stated that this type of incident has occurred before. There were two occasions in 2018 where you held parties late at night and with loud music. After being asked to turn the music down the on the first occasion, the victim was met hostility. On the second occasion, which was the 20th October 2018, it is alleged that you told the victim to:
  • ‘Call the police, I am an officer, they won’t do anything’
  • This was in response to the victim asking you to turn the music down.
  • The above all amounts to discreditable conduct as a collective.

The standards of professional behaviour engaged are:

  • Discreditable conduct


Conditions for the hearing

The nature of the hearing is public but the public will not be allowed to attend in person due to public health considerations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A live link will however be provided for use by the public and anyone wishing to attend the hearing virtually using this link should register their interest to attend by emailing by 4pm on 27 August 2021.

Note that those who access the hearing via the live link will not be permitted to take part in the proceedings and must abide by conditions, including:

  1. Recording of any part of the hearing is prohibited
  2. There will be a ten minute delay on reporting by any means


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