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Misconduct hearings

Information regarding misconduct hearings will appear below for any new hearing notice. Previous hearings will be removed.

Forthcoming hearings:

The name of the Officer:

  • (Former) PC Geoff Lloyd

The date of the hearing:

  • 14th -16th June 2021 10am start

The location at which the hearing will take place:

  • East of England Arena & Events Centre, East of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2 6XE.

The conduct that is the subject matter of the case:

Alleged Facts

That PC Lloyd met Ms A in 2008, whilst on duty and assisted her with a Road Traffic Collision. That following this interaction, PC Lloyd remained in contact with Ms A and a relationship commenced between PC Lloyd and Ms A that was sexual and on one occasion, Ms A states PC Lloyd whilst off duty forced himself upon her and they had sex. It is also alleged that PC Lloyd sent Ms A images connected to his work and sending these to Ms A was not for a policing purpose. PC Lloyd, it is alleged met Ms B in around Sept/Oct 2016, whilst on duty and she stated that she was interested in joining the police. PC Lloyd suggested that Ms B attend a ‘ride along’ and gave her his personal phone number.

It is alleged that once numbers were exchanged, PC Lloyd off duty sent Ms B naked pictures of himself, exposing his erect penis and Ms B responded by sending photographs of herself. Ms B also states that PC Lloyd attended her place of work whilst on duty, sat in her car and attempted to kiss her.

Between February and March 2017, PC Lloyd took Ms B for the ride-a-long alone and during that event, PC Lloyd asked Ms B to sit on his lap, which she refused to do. PC Lloyd is also alleged whilst working for Cambridgeshire Constabulary, he misused police systems to search for individuals and these searches were not for a policing purpose.

This conduct is alleged to be a breach of the Standards of Professional Behaviour, namely Honesty and Integrity, Confidentiality, Duties and Responsibilities, Orders and Instructions and Discreditable Conduct.

It is alleged that these actions, if proved, both singularly and collectively amount to gross misconduct as they are so serious that dismissal would be justified. Conditions for the hearing

The hearing is to be held in public and:

  • A maximum of 10 people will be welcome to attend the hearing. If more people wish to attend the hearing than can be accommodated, priority will be given to the complainant, any interested person, and, where appropriate, anyone acting as an observer on behalf of the IOPC.
  • Due to the current Covid-19 guidelines social distancing must be observed.
  • All those wishing to attend must pre-register their intention to attend by 4pm on Wednesday 9th June 2021. Email address to register your attendance is
  • The names and addresses of those who are attending must be given with supporting photographic identification on the day.
  • Bags and people may be searched as a condition of entry.
  • The taking of photographs and the use of film or sound recording equipment during the hearing is prohibited. For the avoidance of doubt, the use of live, text-based communications for the purposes of simultaneous reporting of proceedings is permitted provided that it does not

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