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A misconduct hearing takes place if we believe a Cambridgeshire police officer, special constable or member of staff has breached the standards of professional behaviour.

Misconduct hearings

If an officer, special constable or member of police staff face allegations of gross misconduct, they will be required to attend a misconduct hearing.

Where a misconduct hearing results in evidence that an officer or member of police staff have breached standards of professional behaviour, they may be dismissed.

Officers or staff are usually unable to voluntarily resign if they face a misconduct hearing for gross misconduct. 

Public notices of misconduct hearings

Misconduct hearings are held in public, however some parts of a hearing may not be appropriate for public attendance and so public attendees may be asked to leave the hearing whilst certain issues are being addressed.

Before a hearing, a public notice will be available on this webpage under the 'forthcoming hearings' heading providing information such as;

  • the details of the hearing
  • guidance on age limits
  • venue facilities, parking and disabled access
  • the use of mobile phones or other such devices
  • how people can apply to attend
  • attendance conditions which have been set by the chair of the hearing.

Please note that the chair may set additional conditions as circumstances change on a case by case basis. 

Forthcoming hearings

Misconduct outcomes


Misconduct disclosure reports

Apply to attend a misconduct hearing

Before making an application to attend a misconduct hearing, please ensure you have read and understood any set conditions which will be included in the hearing notice. Common conditions are noted below.

Conditions of entry

If the chair of the hearing sets conditions for public attendance, the below may apply;

  • those wishing to attend a hearing must register their details in advance as failure to do so could lead to entry being refused 
  • registration to attend a hearing will close three working days before a hearing. Any requests received after this time will not be considered
  • members of the public are required to bring valid photographic ID upon arrival and display it on request - failure to do so will result in entry being refused
  • members of the press are required to present their official press ID
  • all public attendees are prohibited from taking any photographs of the proceedings and are also not allowed to use any audio or video recording equipment/devices at a hearing
  • members of the public wishing to attend a hearing do so at their own expense
  • any person whose behaviour is deemed likely to disrupt proceedings may be excluded.

Police officers and staff are only able to attend a misconduct hearing if they are not an interested party to the proceedings and must be in their own time, at their own expense.

  • Conditions of entry
  • Please confirm that you have read, understand and agree to abide by the conditions of the hearing


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